Report: Aaron Rodgers’ Teammates Don’t Think He’ll Return To Packers

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Aaron Rodgers has been the face of the Green Bay Packers for nearly two decades, but his teammates suspect all of that is coming to an end.

In fact, many seem to think Rodgers will play next season, but not with the Packers, according to Jared Stillman of 102.5 The Game.

Rodgers is also “open” to playing for the Tennessee Titans, should he actually decide to switch teams, Stillman said.

Now, let’s keep a couple things in mind here before we get too excited:

1. Radio guys aren’t generally a great source of accurate inside information, unless they are converted beat writers who have day-to-day access to the players and teams they cover. That’s the only way to form real relationships with people close to the source.

2. Rodgers has not given any public indication of what he’ll do next.

But man, it’s OK to dream, and Rodgers would be quite a find for a team such as the Titans, a team that seemed to be one really good quarterback away from great things. Instead, they got three interceptions from Ryan Tannehill vs. the Cincinnati Bengals in their AFC playoff game.

Of course, a lot of other teams could make the same claim. Imagine Rodgers with the Las Vegas Raiders … or Cleveland Browns … or Tampa Bay Buccaneers (now THAT would be funny).

Anyway, back to Tennessee.

The Titans already pretty much rule the AFC South. Just imagine what Rodgers could do for them. They should pay him a lot of money for two years and see what happens. He would improve their odds of being something more than just a really good team in the regular season. Yes, Tannehill has a large contract. But this is the wacky world of pro sports. Anything is possible.

But Tennessee or not, where Rodgers ends up next remains a mystery. If the report is to be believed, his teammates think it will be somewhere other than Green Bay.

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  1. I still think it’s a bad move for him to come to the AFC, especially to an AFC West team. Just look at the QB situation in both conferences. In general, NFC QBs are aging or too raw. He has a better shot getting to a Super Bowl staying in the NFC – although the Packers probably wouldn’t trade him to another NFC team.

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