Renee Paquette Joins Colin Cowherd’s Podcast Network

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Renee Paquette, formerly known in the WWE as Renee Young, has signed on to join Colin Cowherd’s upcoming podcast network, The Volume, sources tell OutKick.

Paquette will move her weekly Oral Sessions podcast to The Volume, where she will interview personalities associated with combat sports, wrestling, and pop culture.

“I’m just excited to be adding in some interviews outside the wrestling world too,” Paquette says. “It’ll be lots of WWE and other promotions, and UFC, but we plan on continuing to expand and be a place where athletes can tell their story.”

Cowherd announced Sunday night that he will own The Volume and that iHeartMedia will sell advertisements for it. The Volume will feature a new show from Cowherd as well as podcasts from Aqib Talib, Danny Parkins, Alex Monaco, and LaJethro Jenkins and Dragonfly Jonez together. The Volume launches Monday, February 1.

Cowherd met Paquette in 2012 when she auditioned to replace Michelle Beadle on SportsNation. Charissa Thompson was ultimately named the replacement host.

As OutKick reported, Paquette chose to leave WWE in August of her own accord. She had served as a color commentator on Monday Night Raw and hosted Talking Smack.

Aside from a select few general sports shows, audiences are mainly drawn to niche podcasts. As I explained last week, there are too many options to settle for a show that isn’t discussing the exact topic that the listener wants to hear about. As a result, sports podcasts that focus on specific topics — fantasy football, MMA, wrestling — have found success.

Paquette will appear on Cowherd’s podcast to discuss major WWE, AEW, and UFC events. Paquette’s first guest will be Stipe Miocic. The episode will go live this Thursday.

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  1. I’ve never heard of any of these people except Talib. I think this venture will be a crap sandwich. There’s only so many hours in a day. No one has time to in their day to give some LaJethro a listen.

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