Renee Gracie Is Returning To Racing In An OnlyFans Sponsored Car

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Renee Gracie is officially making her return to the sport of racing. The Australian racecar driver, who left the sport and became a huge success on OnlyFans, will be back behind the wheel later this month.

It was reported last month that Gracie was going to be followed around by a camera crew for a documentary on her return to racing. In addition to the filming of Revealed: Renee Gracie, there were reports at the time that she has her sights set on the Bathurst 1000.

Renee Gracie Is Returning To Racing In An OnlyFans Sponsored Car
Renee Gracie driver of #200 Harvey Norman Supergirls Falcon prepares for practice for the Bathurst 1000 (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

The Bathurst 1000 doesn’t take place until early October. Gracie’s return to the track will be much sooner than that. It was revealed this week that she’ll be making her return in the GT World Challenge Australia series on April 28.

Gracie will be doing so in an Audi R8 LMS sponsored by OnlyFans at the Perth Supersprint next weekend. She shared a look at her racecar, which is completely covered in the platform’s logo, on her Instagram story.

OnlyFans model’s OnlyFans racecar (Image Credit: Renee Gracie/Instagram Story)

Gracie talked about her new sponsor and the fact that they’ll be sponsoring her return for the entire 2023 season. She said, “OnlyFans are really excited to be on board for the full 2023 season and to be part of the championship – and Motorsport in general.”

“They are becoming more involved in supporting content creators on their platform with their passions and I’m excited to work with them on this journey,” she continued.

OnlyFans Getting Into The Racecar Sponsorship Game Is A Smart Move

“It’s all come together in the last couple of months, but it has come together really quickly and they are excited to be at this level. I think the car looks fantastic and it just makes it all seem more real as we get closer to going to Perth.”

Certain uptight racing officials aren’t going to like this at all. An OnlyFans model behind the wheel was already something they didn’t want to see.

Those officials’ heads are going to explode when they see a car covered from bumper to bumper in OnlyFans logos. Everyone else will get a kick out of it.

If Gracie’s fire suit isn’t see through, with a bikini underneath of course, then OnlyFans dropped the ball on their sponsorship duties here.

Written by Sean Joseph

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