Reinforcements On The Way? Thor, Carrasco At Citi Field For Mets Game

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Not that I want to be the one to jinx the Mets from good health, but Carlos Carrasco and Noah Syndergaard were both seen at the field yesterday. A Mets team that already sits atop the NL East by four games is nearing a return of two rotation arms.

Scary hours.

I’m no doctor, but I think playing catch is a solid sign towards a return when your job is to play catch at the highest level. We’d have to imagine Syndergaard will return after Carrasco, considering he already suffered a six-week setback in late May. And like I’ve always stated, the team playing well without them can allow for a conservative return to the field.

No reason to expect a rush job for either guy.

Are the Mets about to be really good?

Perhaps. Part of me believes they’re a good team, and another side of me sees a weak division, especially since the Atlanta Braves just took an unexpected turn towards mediocrity. Either way, the Mets are getting healthy, Lindor doesn’t suck anymore, and Jacob deGrom is still dominating despite the sticky stuff ban.

There’s been no update on either Syndergaard or Carrasco from Mets officials, so we’ll have to check back when one or both are officially assigned to rehab assignments. That’s the only way to be certain of their health.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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