Reggie Bush Unleashes On NCAA For Bungled Investigation, Calls Prez Mark Emmert ‘Liar, Conman, Thief’

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If anyone has an understandable beef with the NCAA it’s Reggie Bush.

He won the 2005 Heisman Trophy during his stellar collegiate career at USC, but just five years later it was gone.

The star Trojan running back gave back his Heisman in 2010 after the NCAA levied sanctions against USC after it was found that he received “improper benefits” which were against NCAA regulations.

Had he not given it back, there’s a good chance the NCAA would’ve taken it anyway.

Over the weekend, Bush fired off a tweet claiming the NCAA paid 8 million dollars to cover up mistakes made during the investigation. He also implicated outgoing NCAA president Mark Emmert in the cover-up.

If that wasn’t enough for you to go grab some popcorn, Bush doubled down on Tuesday with a new flurry of Tweets.

First, he accused the NCAA of being weirdly quiet after his initial allegations of a cover-up.

Bush certainly has a gripe. It’s still weird that OJ Simpsons still has Heisman and Reggie Bush doesn’t.

Nonetheless, while Bush’s 2005 win isn’t officially on the books, he’s still a Heisman winner to most fans. ESPN’s Chris Fowler touched on this at the 2022 Heisman ceremony.

Bush is understandably frustrated with how things shook out with respect to his Heisman victory. But he deserves our thanks for being part of one of the best fast-food ads in recent memory.

Now that’s a winner.

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