Regardless of Restrictions, Will Fans Return To Support Washington Football Team?

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Dan Snyder’s infamous franchise had to endure the struggles of last year’s COVID season, while lingering in-house issues continue to affect the fan base.

The Washington Football Team got its first big break last season when new head coach Ron Rivera and a stellar defensive cast elevated WFT to NFC East division champs. Logging their first playoff appearance since 2015, a Wild Card exit to mirror the 2020 result, prospects in Washington appear to be trending upward. But the question is: Are the fans still onboard with this team?

Ron Rivera has been transparent throughout the offseason regarding the team’s success from 2020 and how they will need to retain the fan base’s support after decades of sub-par performances.

“We’ve piqued their curiosity from last season, and we’ve got to get a hold of them,” said Rivera, in an interview with Washington’s reporters.

The Washington Times examined where current interest on behalf of the WFT fan base lies, and how slipping attendance numbers may carry into 2021 — despite last year’s success. The report addressed over 1,500 unsold home game tickets leading into Week 1’s matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers, and how the dwindling attendance numbers are a telltale of the team’s diminished connection with its fans.

“That’s up to us now,” admitted Rivera. “I mean, we’ve got to keep up our part of the bargain. They come out and cheer for us and support us and we’ve got to go out and produce. That’s the only way you get the fan base back.”

In 2019, FedEx Field welcomed 75,128 fans out of 82,000 of its full capacity. The team has been unable to fill a full venue and has even removed seats as a result of bad ticket sales. Though the team’s been written off as another bottom-tier contender, a defense led by rookie standout Chase Young and gunslinger Ryan Fitzpatrick leading the offense, WFT is a team with a brighter future than past.

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  1. Fan base has been decimated since Snyder took over. FedEx used to have 100,000 seats but fans stopped coming. During the 08-09 recession, he sued season ticket holders who were defaulting on payments…. Real dbag move.

    They said the new stadium they’re trying to build would have around 60,000+….. such a shame.

      • Haha yep I see your point. I say Washington only because they have everything they need to build a winner as far as resources and capability go, but they simply waste it all. They have no excuse to lose. They have a history of winning, but Snyder seems to generally “not get it” when it comes to all things football.

    • Worse than that is the team is mediocre. There is nothing worse than middling. No high draft picks, never win anything of substance. Between 6-10 and 9-7 is where the Redskins have lived for most of the last 25 years. Yes there has been the occasional 4-12 but typically its in the dreaded 15-20th pick in the first round level. To respond to the article though, fans will come back if the team wins.

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