Reds Throw No-Hitter Against Pirates … And Still Lose

Leave it to the Reds to pull off a no-hitter and still walk away with an L.

Despite a phenomenal 7.1 innings pitched by Cincinnati rookie Hunter Greene, resulting in a combined no-hitter, the Reds closed out the series finale against the Pittsburgh Pirates without registering a run and embarrassingly losing, 1-0.

While a no-hitter in baseball usually means a sure shot to walk away with a win, 99 percent was not strong enough a chance for Cincinnati to break away from their losing streak.

As relayed by, these are the teams that have previously lost a game after throwing a no-hitter.

  • Cincinnati Reds against Pittsburgh Pirates (2022)
  • Los Angeles Angels against Los Angeles Dodgers (2008)
  • Boston Red Sox against Cleveland Indians (1992)
  • New York Yankees against Chicago White Sox (1990)
  • Baltimore Orioles against Detroit Tigers (1967)
  • Houston Colt .45s against Cincinnati Reds (1964)

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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Guided by Kevin Harlan on one shoulder, Eli Manning on the other, Alejandro joins the OutKick community with an authentic passion for sports, pop culture, America and episodes of Jeopardy!


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