Reds President Phil Castellini Issues Apology After Shutting Down Fans During Interview

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Cincinnati Reds president and COO Phil Castellini is reeling back some harsh comments directed at the fan base on Tuesday.

As reported by OutKick’s Gary Sheffield, Jr., Castellini appeared on the “Scott Sloan & Mo Egger” show for an interview early Tuesday.

Responding to fans’ requests to sell the organization to new leadership, Castellini delivered a mouthful and made the MLB collectively groan with his response.

Rather than taking one on the chin and letting the fans have their day, Castellini opted to punch down.

“Well, where are you gonna go?” asked the Reds president, shrugging off the fans with a take it or leave it attitude.

Castellini added, “Sell the team to who? What would you do with this team to have it be more profitable? It would be to pick it up and move it somewhere else. So, be careful what you ask for.”

Late Tuesday, Castellini issued an apology after facing backlash for the brash comments.

“I apologize to Reds fans and regret the comments that I made earlier today,” the statement read. “We love this city, we love this team, and we love our fans. I understand how our fans feel and I am sorry.”

Sheffield commented on Castellini’s interview from Tuesday and how it missed the mark on the change in identity that Reds fans are desperate to see.

“There’s quite a bit wrong with his comments regarding unhappy fans,” Sheffield said. “Fans don’t really care who you sell to as long as the new owner cares about winning.”

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  1. Look it up. Ken Griffey is the 4th or 5th highest-paid player on the REDS payroll (still). In a league with no salary cap, The REDS will never be able to compete. Sure the Reds can win a division …however….the major talent will go play for the big paying teams.

  2. Castellini definitely crossed a line here, but the real issue he’s getting at is that small market teams can’t really compete in MLB. Even with the horrible blackout rules, local ratings for almost all MLB teams are great, but a salary cap (and a salary floor) would go a long way toward making the league a lot more competitive for all 30 teams.

  3. The real issue is the Castellini family has no business owning a baseball team. They want to run it like their other businesses and that doesn’t work in pro sports. By the way, he has had to close a few of his businesses in the past few years so he probably doesn’t have the liquidity that he once had anyhow. Their actions in the off season and these comments from Phil can all but guarantee attendance will be down this year.

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