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Red, White, And Boom Boom: On Sex And Family Values In America

When I was in college, I spent a summer abroad in the UK working in a school-sponsored exchange program with other Americans. Assuming there would be lots of piss to be taken and revolutionary banter to be had with the Brits, the gang and I dropped into London for the Fourth of July, and boy were we right. I don’t know if it’s an annual tradition there, but that summer (2008), huge swaths of London had transformed into a massive red, white, and blue gay pride parade. Drag queens, kink fetishes, and barely-there costumes galore lined the streets of London, all of which were tied together with American patriotism as the butt of the joke. A few of the girls in our party didn’t catch on that the pageantry was actually a mockery as they gleefully exchanged patriotic pleasantries. Of course, their genuine American pride was met with ironic eye rolls, but who cares? We won the war, baby, so if they want to make our holiday into some weird sex thing, then have at it. We get to play with all sorts of fun explosives like snicker bombs, church burners, and finger blasters while they’re stuck…well, you get the […]



Written by TK Sanders

TK is a southerner who has lived on both coasts and definitely prefers sunshine to snow. A former entertainment executive in Los Angeles, he was run out of Hollywood for misgendering a director's dog, and is now forced to blog for a living. Breaking 80 will always be his number one goal in life.

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