Red Sox Player Released After Racist Twitter Rant

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Brett Netzer, a Boston Red Sox minor leaguer, spent his Saturday going on a racist social media rant. He then spent his Sunday unemployed.

Netzer was released by the Red Sox after a series of racist, distasteful tweets, one of which included a very matter of fact admission: “i am a racist.”

The 25-year-old started his odd rant Friday when he attacked Boston executive Chaim Bloom, questioning his Judaism and calling him, amongst other things, a fraud.

What followed were derogatory tweets that covered all bases: the LGBTQ community, African Americans, Jews, and others.

Seemingly begging for his release, Netzer tweeted: “i am a racist. i do sometimes make assumptions based on a persons race/ethnicity/culture. glad that is out of the way.”

After noticing his tweets and confirming his account had not been hacked, the Red Sox quickly sent the third-round pick of 2017 packing.

Chad Jennings of The Athletic tweeted the news that Netzer had been released “after a series of racist, homophonic, anti-Semitic posts on Twitter.”

Rather than slow him down, the newfound joblessness prompted Netzer to continue his reckless run through social media.


“I’ll go along with racist and homophobic, but anti-semitic? thats too far. bloom is a hypocrite and an embarrassment to any torah-following jew,” tweeted Netzer.

Being that he was a career .263 hitter who never sniffed the majors, it should come as no surprise that Netzer whiffed on this one.



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Written by Anthony Farris


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