Reality Star Retires From Selling Farts In A Jar After Heart Attack Scare, Pivots To Fart NFTs

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Stephanie Matto, who built up a fart-in-a-jar empire, has announced she’s retiring from the business that made her huge money after landing in the hospital with a heart attack scare brought on by blasting too much gas.

In December, fartreprenuer Matto bragged that she’d made “over $90,000” by selling farts-in-a jar, but now it sounds like this whole business model blew up in her face. The Sun reports that Matto landed in the hospital suffering from what she assumed was a heart attack due to shooting pains in her chest.

Doctors determined that the ’90 Day Fiance’ reality star was suffering from excessive gas brought on by her fart-producing diet.

Stephanie Matto retires selling farts in a jar
Stephanie Matto, who sold farts in a jar, has decided to retire after a heart attack scare / via TikTok / TLC

In order to keep her fart-in-a-jar business humming along, Matto resorted to a diet of beans, eggs and banana protein shakes. It was that combination that kept the farts rolling out and right into jars that were then sold off via orders on an adult content site.

The fart jars retailed for $1,000 per blast and business was booming so much in December that she reportedly earned a total of $200,000 before the heart attack scare. Demand was so brisk that Matto was squeezing out 50 farts a week. According to medical experts, the typical adult rips somewhere between 5 and 15 farts per day.

“I honestly could not believe the demand. I think a lot of people have this fetish in secret. I began this venture by eating mostly protein muffins, shakes and also hard-boiled eggs,” Matto told the Sun.

As for what caused the hospital visit, Matto thinks it was a combination of three protein shakes and “huge” bowl of black bean soup. She says that stomach pressure began flowing up her chest and breathing became difficult.

She was advised to get her diet back in order and take gas pills.

And just like that, the fartreprenuer was out of business.

Ahh, but like any smart Internet businesswoman who figured out a way to get guys to buy farts in a jar, Matto is branching out. She announced Tuesday that she’s now selling fart jar NFTs.

“So by now you may have “caught wind” that I am retiring from the fart jar business soon and branching out into the digital world of NFT’s! My NFT fart jar collection has launched and is available to mint on,” Matto announced via Instagram.

Digital fart jars?

Get ’em while they’re hot.

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