Study That Ignited Dr. Seuss Cancellation Calls Cat In The Hat a Racist, Horton a White Supremacist

Six of Dr. Seuss' books have gotten the damning red label, and his classics are walking/hopping/dancing/singing on eggshells.

Did you get a good look at him?

As for the explanation, the attempt to punish Horton reads as followed:

Horton Hears a Who! is one of Dr. Seuss’ books widely cited as promoting tolerance. Several Seuss scholars infer that the Whos symbolize the Japanese and that the book is an apology for his anti-Japanese WWII propaganda.

Got that? The Cat in the Hat's message to children is that "whiteness is right and blackness is bad, dirty, chaotic, violent, and no good.”

Just remember, if you thought the country had lost its mind before, it is now far worse than you ever thought possible.

The Conscious Kid's goal is reportedly to "engage stakeholders, including youth, families, and teachers from racially marginalized communities, to identify and document existing forms of resistance to Seuss’ racist works.”

The authors fantasize about a parallel universe, should one exist, in which the Cat and the Hat and Horton are not despicable bigots — I suggest the remaining sane humans jetpack there.

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