Ray Lewis Fan Takes A Severe Beating At Commanders Game

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The NFL regular season started with a bang at FedEx Stadium in D.C. where a Ray Lewis fan went home with a headache — and possibly a broken face — after taking several huge bombs from a furious Commanders fan.

A wild multi-fan melee broke out in the lower bowl of the stadium on a rainy Sunday as women started kicking each other and Ray-Ray fan scuffled with fellow football fans. You can watch the footage to determine who was in the wrong here, but what’s crystal clear is that Ray Ray took the brunt of the damage.

Now, you might say that Ray Ray couldn’t defend himself as he was being held back by Jonathan Allen fan or you could watch all the fight footage and determine that Ray Ray somewhat had this murdering coming his way.

Here’s something to consider: When is the last time you saw a guy wearing a poncho throwing out six-piece combos like that? Typically, it’s some guy NOT wearing a poncho who’s punching some other guy.

  1. Poncho fan has thrown punches before; MMA-trained?
  2. It feels like poncho guy could be ex-military or current; he was all business
  3. How did Ray Ray get to that game without friends? You mean there wasn’t a single buddy there who couldn’t get him out of there before his face was pummeled?
  4. What about security, you ask? These guys don’t get paid enough to get involved with dudes throwing bombs. Good luck finding a sports stadium where the security guards stick their faces in the middle of bombs. It doesn’t happen.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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