Ravens Stand for Black National Anthem, Kneel for National Anthem

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Before the game, the Baltimore Ravens stood together for the black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” When it came to the national anthem, however, they did the opposite.

Here is what happened:


Outkick’s Clay Travis weighs in.

And this is why the NFL ratings tanked on opening night.

Bad, bad look for all involved.

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  1. In Baltimore no less one of the most violent black on black murders next to chitown this is really a special kind of stupid hard to believe the owners allow this to continue. Just confirms why i cancelled my NFL cable package and i am not watching or supporting in any way.

  2. As if that wasn’t bad enough, on the same day that 2 LA police officers were shot in Compton, AND members of BLM tried to block entrances to the hospital, 12 Rams players take a knee.

    Disgusting, ignorant, entitled millionaire street thugs….kneeling for the violent street thugs who terrorize their own, mostly black, neighborhoods. Of course they are…street punks always cover for other street punks.

  3. I’ll say this. I love watching football! The theatrics of the anthem should not destroy sports. I signed up to be a vip because I disagree with the politics being introduced in sports. China virus really messed things up. But true sports fans should forget about the pregame nonsense, don’t watch the ceremonious bs. Most games don’t even get good until the second half /4th quarter anyway. It is what it is. Without sports what do we have? I don’t have any safe place to read news anymore that is not sensational or politically biased. As I heard Clay and others say from a long time ago. Just get rid of the anthem ceremony before games. Eliminate the controversy before it has to reported. Just my opinion and I am not going to stop watching NFL because of this nonsense. I don’t care about all of the NBA stuff because I didn’t watch before. The focus needs to shift to the product on the field, not “statements”.

    • We have sports! The coronabros will still find something to complain about. Stop complaining about the “woke” crowd and shift the narrative to “we hear you have something to say.” Action on the field justifying your multimillion dollar contract. Focus on the sport that made you millions of dollars! Regardless of your race, religion, or sexuality (that guy that came out and was drafted, but wasn’t actually good enough for pro football). We the fans of professional sports just want to see the gifted athletes playing their hearts out in the game that they have been blessed to have extraordinary skills!! I would love to see more journalism about what it actually takes to be a professional athlete! Just mostly negative after they get there. Outkick is just as guilty as the rest pushing the negative aspect of sports as the rest.

  4. You know, this is easy. They are kneeling because they want action? Ok, I agree. The actions should be that black communities, churches, artists, etc denounce the black on black crime, promotion of the nuclear family, stop accepting blaming others for their own shortcomings, speak out against the killing of unborn black babies and put an emphasis on education as the most likely path to success vs athletics or entertainment.

  5. It’s pretty easy to do this when there’s not a single fan in the stands to loudly boo you. If Baltimore had fans there they would hear some loud boos for that act of contradiction. I think the NFL cities who lean left are going to be slow to allow fans back, because they know the players will be booed loudly for any of this. It’s going to be force fed with no opportunity for counter protest, just like good ole propaganda! Im sure ratings are in the tank for week 1 across the board.

  6. Here’s what needs to happen – the broadcast and print media need to ignore these empty protests. If we continue to publicize who kneeled, who didn’t, who wore what criminal’s name, etc., then we’re just playing into their hands. The whole locking arms and swaying back and forth in the name of unity is a load of crap. Oh yeah, and as for the Ravens, here’s hoping for another 14-2 season followed by a first round flameout!

  7. The Baltimore Tee Party officially signals the emergence of a new nation. Black America has denounced the USA and pledged its allegiance to BLM. If we continue to support the NFL,
    we are simply helping to empower BLM and “defund” our USA.

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