Ratatouille? NYC Couple Sues Korean Restaurant After Finding A Rat In Their Soup

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Happy March Madness Saturday everyone!

Oh, and speaking of madness… a New York City couple has sued a Korean restaurant after they claim to have found a damn RAT in their soup.

Fantastic, can’t wait for dinner time.

Gammeeok is being sued for allegedly having a rodent in their soup. (Instagram)

Eunice Lucero-Lee and her husband Jason had been going to Gammeeok for nearly a decade. Normally the food is quick and delicious. They’ve always been fans of it. That is until there allegedly was a rat in their soup.

The couple has now filed a lawsuit, while the restaurant is exploring possible counter legal action as well.

The Lee’s took their story to Instagram… along with a lovely VIDEO and PHOTO OF THE RAT IN THE SOUP.

*** NSFW ***

Okay, I’m back after returning from throwing up. Hopefully you’re still with me as well.

That third photo… of the what looks like a half-charred rat, tail and all is probably one of the more disturbing things I’ve seen in quite some time.

The Lee’s said they ordered the food via UberEats. “At first my husband thought it was a vegetable, but then we noticed the tail,” Eunice said in a subsequent interview. She said that the couple then vomited before going to urgent care where they were giving antibiotics.

Gammeeok denied the claims in the comment section of the Lee’s Instagram post, before comments were then disabled once the lawsuit was filed.

“Hi. This is Gammeeok. We are sorry for this situation. What is posted on SNS is not the truth. We have been regularly inspected every two weeks by a disinfection company for several years, and there have been no traces of mice. They demanded money and threatened, and since we refused, they are attacking us through social media. Therefore, we plan to take legal action,” their response read.

They said they offered the couple a $100 coupon for their troubles but the Lee’s refused and instead filed a suit.


According to an inspection by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as recently as January 18th, Gammeeok’s Manhattan location was found to “not be free of harborage or conditions conducive to rodents, insects or other pests.” They were given a “C” rating for several violations, according to documents obtained by Ny.Eater.com.

As someone who lives in New York City, let me tell you that the rats here are THE WORST. Honestly I’m shocked that this one was so small – normally they’re the size of a damn beaver. NYC has become such a dump in the past few years that the rats don’t even hide underground and on the subways anymore, they’re just roaming everywhere these days. Including people’s soup apparently.

A word of advice to the Lee’s – next time just stick to microwavable chicken ramen noodles.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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