Rapper Lil Yachty Says He Dropped $100K On A Disney World Date That Didn’t Work Out

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Rapper Lil Yachty said in an interview that he dropped an obscene amount of money to take a woman on a vacation to Disney World.

Yet, after all of that dropped dough, it didn’t work out.

The 25-year-old explained why he did this on an episode of his podcast, A Safe Place Podcast, which I’m sure all of us are subscribed to.

In a recent episode, he talked about taking a private jet — the kind John Kerry doesn’t own, but his wife does — to visit a special lady.

“The overall of that trip wasn’t tricking, wasn’t for her, but it was to go big. And I kinda went a little insane,” Lil Yachty. “That thing specifically is I spent 100 grand to go to Disney World, take someone to Disney. I regret it because we weren’t dating and it just didn’t go nowhere.”

A name like “Lil Yachty” doesn’t scream fiscal responsibility, but dropping $100,000 to go to Walt Disney World is completely insane.

Not because Disney World isn’t fun, but because I can’t wrap my mind around how one even does that.

Lil Yachty Isn’t A Baller On A Budget When It Comes To Disney World

I live close enough to Disney World that I go there fairly often, so I know how much stuff there costs.

I’ve also seen people spend crazy amounts of hard-earned greenbacks on crap. Complete and utter useless crap.

Families spend hundreds on an armory worth of plastic lightsabers. Couples dropping a few thousand on a painting of Mr. Toad. Even folks who spend thousands per night to sleep in a bungalow over a manmade lake that offers approximately zero privacy.

Still, to drop $100,000 Mr. Yachty must have been privy to some rich dude hotel accommodations, souvenirs, or menus that the rest of us normal folk aren’t aware of.

My guess is that figure includes the price of the jet, but even then, that’s a crazy amount of money to spend. Even at a place where a single 22 oz. beer will often go for north of $12.

He copped to the fact that he was trying to impress with his big spending but still, that’s insane. Most girls would be impressed if you hooked them up with an $8 soft pretzel shaped like Mickey Mouse.

Someone needs to track down the woman who went on that date for more details. It’d be fascinating to hear some insights from a woman who could have a dude pony up that much money at Disney World only for both parties to be like, “Meh, it’s not working.”

Or actually, on second thought, maybe it wouldn’t.

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