Rangers’ Josh Smith Gifted Whiskey After Being Hit In The Face, Receiving Stitches

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It’s been a tough start to the 2023 MLB season for Texas Rangers left fielder Josh Smith. His team is doing fine and he’s off to a respectable start at the plate, it’s just that he took a pitch straight to the face that forced him to get half a dozen stitches in his mug.

Now, he did get a nice bottle of whiskey for his troubles, which some booze aficionados might feel makes the situation a wash.

It was a very high, and very inside pitch from Baltimore Orioles’ left-hander Danny Coulombe that caught the former LSU Tiger in the chin.

That was an 89-mph sinker that he and Coulombe probably wish had done a lot more sinking.


Coulombe Reportedly Gave Smith A Bottle Of Whiskey

That happened on Monday, but on Tuesday, Smith said he was feeling pretty good, and had fortunately cleared concussion protocol.

“I feel pretty good actually. I slept good,” Smith said Tuesday in the Rangers clubhouse. “It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Really no pain or anything like that.”

According to the Associated Press, there was a bottle of whiskey in Smith’s locker which was reportedly a gift from Coulombe.

It’s easy to forget that these situations aren’t fun for the dude throwing the ball either.

“I’m just really glad he’s doing OK,” Coulombe said, per the AP. “That’s the worst part of this game. … I did not want to (hit him), and they know that. I have a lot of really good friends on that team and I talked to them afterwards, said he’s in good spirits.”

That video of Smith taking a pitch to the face can be tough. I’d imagine it’d be even tougher to watch if you were the one who had gotten drilled in the yapper. However, Smith said he didn’t have any trouble watching the clip.

“Looks like a boxer, like when they get punched and their whole face comes off their body,” Smith said.

That it does, Josh. That it does.

Get well soon, and enjoy that whiskey.

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