Rams Fan Is Pummeled On Christmas Day At SoFi Stadium By A Guy Wearing An Al Bundy Polk High Shirt

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SoFi Stadium strikes again.

By now, you know that it’s been a very violent year at SoFi Stadium where it’s nearly impossible to go more than one week without violence of some sort. Here at OutKick, in just the past month, we’ve reported on the fan who was thrown off a footbridge outside the stadium, and then there was the prison-yard fight that involved multiple Rams fans.

Hands down, SoFi Stadium is the most violent stadium in the United States based on the level of violence seen during the 2022 NFL season.

More violence broke out at SoFi Stadium where a fan was punched multiple times on Christmas Day during the Broncos-Rams game. / Twitter

In the latest video to surface from SoFi, we see Rams fan being pummeled — on Christmas Day — by some guy wearing an Al Bundy-inspired Polk High shirt. It’s unclear what set off Al Bundy shirtsey guy during the Rams blowout victory, but the results were multiple punches thrown and multiple punches thrown on a guy who tried his best to cover up.

Good luck to those of you catching a game at SoFi the next two weeks. This place is a nightmare for sane fans who aren’t looking for violence.

“You don’t treat a human being like that, or are in your right mind to throw someone off a bridge,” the Chargers fan who was thrown off the bridge back in November told KTLA. “I had four fractured ribs, two on each side, concussion, busted lip and just a lot of bruising in the chest area and hip area, things like that.”

You guys have been warned. Stay away from SoFi.

And while we’re at it, let’s check in with Raiders fans pummeling each other:

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