Raiders Fans Put A Prison Yard Beating On A Fellow Raiders Fan During Preseason Game

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In terms of savage beatings at preseason football games, Friday’s Patriots-Raiders game in Las Vegas featured a rather brutal prison-yard beating you typically see only in the movies. We’re talking a completely defenseless Steve Wisniewski fan in a completely prone fighting position on his back with multiple attackers coming in for the kill shot.

While it’s unclear why Wisniewski was double-teamed by a couple of NFL thugs that aren’t to be messed with, it is 100% clear that NFL preseason games continue to be some of the most violent sporting events in the world. I’ll go ahead and say it again: Never take your children or a girlfriend to preseason NFL games unless you’re in the suites amongst corporate vice presidents drunk on bourbon and housewives who run charities.

Preseason NFL in the stands is absolute savagery.

Raiders fans fight preseason game las vegas video
Raiders fans treat a fellow Raiders fan to a prison yard beating during Friday’s preseason game against the Patriots / Twitter

You’ll see in the video that the young gun knew that if he could get Wisniewski off-balance, it was game. The second No. 76 lost his balance it was all she wrote. I’m not sure about long hair’s past prison fighting experience, but you tell me if it doesn’t look like this guy has seen a few fights in his day.

This is actually perfect execution. Now, you can argue that it is criminal behavior and he should be jailed. That’s up to a court of law. I’m just here to analyze the data.

The kick to the head from Josh Jacobs fan is a nice touch.

From the look of things, Raiders fans haven’t lost a step since the franchise moved east in 2020.



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