Raiders & 49ers Fans Get Into Prison Yard Fight At In & Out, Someone Pulls A Shiv & Starts Stabbing, According To Police

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The Santa Clara, California police say they had an old-fashioned prison fight on their hands Friday night at an In & Out burger joint where someone pulled a shiv and started doing work on an opponent.

Police say at least 10 individuals, which were Raiders and 49ers fans, dropped the gloves around 11:12 Friday night and went to work proving just how big of scumbags these two sides can be.

“Upon arrival, SCPD officers detained multiple individuals and determined that two individuals sustained multiple stab wounds during the incident. Those victims were transported to a local hospital for treatment. The suspect is not in custody and remains outstanding,” the Santa Clara Police Department said in a Facebook post.

In a video of the fight posted by TMZ that looks like something straight out of a prison documentary series on NatGeo, a 49ers fan and Raiders fan trade multiple blows in one of the most fantastic fan fights you’re ever going to see inside a fast-food joint.

Things eventually turn really ugly when someone in the chaos pulls a prison shiv and starts stabbing.

Now we have a major investigation.

You’ve officially been warned that fighting in Santa Clara could lead to you getting stabbed. If you remember back to early July, that was when huge fight broke out in the stands between Mexican soccer fans at Levi’s Stadium.

A guy ended up getting prison-shanked in the stands and bled all over the place.

Keep all of this in mind if you’re some midwestern dude heading to California this fall to see your team play the 49ers. These guys won’t hesitate to stab you.

You’ve been warned.

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