Racist Taunts, Swastika Drawings During High School Basketball Game Leads To Police Investigation

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A high school boy’s basketball game is being investigated over accusations of racist acts, including heckling, using the N-word and drawing swastikas in the opponent’s locker room.

Playoff Game Ruined By Alleged Racist Acts

Friday’s WIAA Division 1 Regional Semifinals game playoff between Muskego and Beloit Memorial in Wisconsin has come under investigation after Muskego’s home crowd allegedly taunted Beloit’s players on the court by making monkey sounds and wearing clothing Beloit Memorial players and personnel felt was intended with offense.

According to WSAZ-3, individuals in Muskego’s student section were seen wearing black ski masks, tank tops and pajama pants, and making monkey noises at the players on the court.

“I just feel like it was racist and pretty uncalled for,” Beloit Memorial player DeCarlos Nora III said. “It just felt very overwhelming and unnecessary. I just feel like there should be no place for that in sports or at any event at all.”

Players Discover Swastikas In Locker Room

Ahead of the game, Beloit Memorial players reportedly discovered the N-word written on their lockers; others found swastikas drawn on the lockers. The game still went on, with Muskego winning, 70-65.

Beloit Memorial parents said they heard the monkey noises from the student section, as did Beloit Memorial coach Todd Marks. The coach said he felt disgusted by the home crowd’s behavior.

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“It just felt like it was all orchestrated. I think that’s what’s so troubling,” Marks said. “It wasn’t one isolated incident. It was a combination of things that seemed to accumulate to show that many of these events seemed to be planned. And to see our kids have to deal with that, like I said, it’s very heartbreaking.”

Multiple Eyewitnesses At Game

Several parents spoke out to condemn Muskego High School for the alleged behavior.

Tanya Karl, a parent on the Beloit team, called the racist behavior out as poor intimidation tactics.

Karl said, “It was obvious racism.”

She added, “It was obvious that they were trying to intimidate our boys by making them feel smaller. It was appalling that my kid in the locker room — the stuff that was written there, the words they were saying, the chanting they were doing, the monkey sounds they were making.”

The game is currently being investigated by the police authorities — superintendents from Beloit Memorial and Muskego called for the matter to be investigated.

“We take allegations of this nature very seriously and immediately began the investigation with the support of the Muskego Police Department,” Muskego’s athletic department announced.

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