Monte Carlo Rally Racecar Driver Accidentally Catches Sexual Encounter On Dash Cam

The Monte Carlo Rally has been held every year since 1911 along the French Riviera in Monaco and southeast France. It is the oldest event on the World Rally Championship's calendar.

Although it is, essentially, an asphalt event, unpredictable mountain weather brings varied conditions. Competitors must expect snow, ice and dry asphalt, and might even encounter all of those conditions within the same stage.

This year's Monte Carlo Rally is held from January 19 to January 22.

It also included some unexpected conditions... if you can call it that!

Veteran driver Jourdan Serderidis, 58, currently sits in 35th place out of 73 drivers. He is 13 minutes and 40 seconds behind the leader after racing concluded on Friday.

Serderidis, born in Dorinne, Yvoir, came in 10th at the 2018 Rally Australia, then took a three-year break from racing. He returned to the circuit for the Acropolis Rally in 2021 and finished seventh on the 2022 Safari Rally.

Driving a Ford Puma Rally1, the 2017 WRC Trophy Champion title driver has a lot of ground to make up over the course of the next three days in Monaco. Either way, win or lose, the Greek driver will never forget this year's Monte Carlo Rally.

Part of the reason for the Greek driver's deficit might stem from a bizarre encounter on Thursday evening. As he ripped around the the second leg, his headlights lit up an unexpected scene.

Serderidis turned a corner and shined his lights on a group of spectators— or just people on the side of the road. Who they were exactly is unclear, but two of them were having a romp.

Literally. It was broadcast live on the Monte Carlo Rally livestream from Serderidis' dash cam.

Snow, ice, rain and wind are all part of what is expected from drivers when it comes to the Monte Carlo Rally. Sexual encounters, on the other hand, are not.