Illinois Man Loses Spectator Race, Rolls His Escalade, Says It Was 'Awesome' & He'll Be Back

If you thought Illinois man Donnie Clevenger was worried about rolling his Cadillac Escalade and breaking some glass after losing a spectator race to a Chrysler 300 at the Macon (IL) Speedway, you'd be mistaken. Not only did Donnie shake off the loss, he's also taking the roll-over at the end of the race in stride. Things happen when you line up spectator rides. Donnie gets the game.

"Yea I flipped my Escalade at Macon Speedway. It was awesome," Donnie reported on Facebook. "I knew what I was risking and I will be back in September to run again. Make sure to come out to the track and watch the show lol #shithappens."

Donnie added that he has full coverage, but you have to wonder if he carries insurance against roll-overs at a dirt track while racing some guy in a Chrysler 300. The great part about this video and crash is that Donnie isn't mad. "It's all in good fun," he told a Facebook supporter while adding Monday that his "shoulder and ribs hurt like a bitch now lol" and that his ribs are bruised "pretty good," but it was "fun and can't wait till the next race."

I didn't wake up today thinking I'd get into spectator racing, but here I am absolutely fascinated by people putting their legitimate cars -- like, pick up the kids from school around town drivers -- on the line for racing glory. This is what I picture the early days of NASCAR looking like, and it's awesome.

Donnie's a hardworking man who clearly enjoys a little adventure in his life, and there's nothing wrong with that. This is what makes this country tick -- men being men. We've been beaten over the head for years that men shouldn't leave their comfortable lifestyles and take risks. Not Donnie Clevenger. He's all gas, no brake.

Here's video of the actual roll-over:

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