F1 Legend Remembered For His Game Off The Track; Bedded 5,000 Women, 35 Air Stewardesses

Legendary British F1 racer James Hunt knew how to get crowds going, on and off the track.

Equal parts party animal, womanizer and professional racer, Hunt’s legacy as the Casanova behind the wheel holds plenty of crazy stories. Enough to make a Ron Howard-directed feature film on Hunt, led by comic book muscleman Chris Hemsworth.

One of the crazier tales about Hunt revolved around the man’s body count, which reportedly was at its peak leading up to the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix. Legend has it that Hunt slept with 5,000 women and 35 air stewardesses in preparation for the race.

Even Hunt’s offspring recognized the legendary game based on that insane total when they heard about it.

“I can’t vouch for the number of women, but I know that Dad wasn’t a junky," said Freddie, Hunt’s 34-year-old son, in an interview.

“He just liked getting loose at parties. He took coke, but he wasn’t a cokehead.”

Hunt tragically passed at the age of 45 due to a heart attack in 1993.

Freddie also added: “We do behave quite similarly. Then again, my mum was pretty naughty too. ... There were witnesses. There was a fresh supply of hostesses.”

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