Don't Pull A Colton Herta In Your Honda This Weekend...#StaySafe

Remember, keep two hands on the wheel and remember to slow down in the corners on your local interstate or you could end up slamming into the wall at a high rate of speed like Indy 500 driver Colton Herta did in his Honda on the annual "Carb Day" where drivers get their final practice laps.

The difference between Herta's crash on Friday and yours up against an interstate wall is that Indianapolis Motor Speedway has SAFER barriers that allowed Herta to walk away from the crash at speeds somewhere around 225-230 or so MPH.

Your Honda Accord at 80 into a wall isn't going to be a pretty scene. Let's be smart this weekend on the highways. As Herta said after his crash, “I think I was going a little too fast for that corner.”

Let's go to the action, but you have to promise to not do this in downtown Atlanta or Dallas.

I understand the adrenaline is running through your body because it's a big racing weekend.


Unlike you and a destroyed Honda Accord, Herta's team has a backup car available for Sunday's race, but it's going to take some serious amount of work for the Andretti Autosport team because Herta, 22, also blew an engine in qualifying. He'll start 25th in Sunday's 500.

Meanwhile, your Honda will be totaled out if you slam a wall like this at 80.

“Thankful for a lot of things,” Herta said after his crash. “I guess the aeroscreen is part of that. More so the safety crew and I guess just the durability of the side pods on the side structure of the cars. That was a big hit from the side. Yeah, the safety crews were there very fast flipping me back over.”

Your Honda doesn't have that technology. #staysafe. Don't be "Carb Day" Colton Herta this weekend.

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