Rachel Stuhlmann Shows Off Her ‘Great Rack-et’

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The tennis season is in full swing and that means one thing. The World’s No. 1 Tennis Influencer, Rachel Stuhlmann, is extremely busy. There’s the different events to attend, a full slate of content to be created, and finding time to get a subscription site off the ground.

It’s all in a day’s work for the 31-year-old. Stuhlmann has continued to embrace her title and be the face of the sport of tennis on social media. Much like Paige Spiranac, she’s been attacking the challenge head on.

Rachel Stuhlmann Shows Off Her 'Great Rack-et'
World’s No. 1 Tennis Influencer doing Rafael Nadal’s favorite drill (Image Credit: Rachel Stuhlmann/Instagram)

Stuhlmann’s schedule of events over the last few weeks has included the Desert Ridge Open, Super Bowl week, the Waste Management, the Carvana Arizona Grand Slam and The Sunshine Double, just to name a few.

As mentioned, the full schedule hasn’t slowed her content machine down at all. Stuhlmann hit the court a couple of days ago to share one of Rafael Nadal’s favorite drills, an educational piece. She then followed that up on Thursday afternoon with a look at her “great rack-et.”

A Full Schedule Is Not A Bad Thing If The Content Keeps Rolling

Content is key. The lesson and the humor are the perfect balance for anyone trying to get into the influencing game at a high level. Those who take themselves too seriously won’t last.

Spiranac gets this and created the playbook that Stuhlmann is using to bring eyeballs to tennis. The best part is she’s just getting started.

She revealed recently, in an interview with OutKick, that the hard work is paying off and that there’s plenty more in the works. She said, “I’ve been busting my butt and doing so much and worn a lot of hats in this industry and it was pretty awesome to be acknowledged for all of it.”

“Since that article, my life has been a whirlwind. I’ve grown my brand significantly, I’ve gotten many more amazing opportunities, I’ve launched my store. I’m working on so many amazing projects including my own subscription site. I’m very excited with where I’m going and feel like the sky is the limit.”

The hard work is indeed paying off. There’s no doubt who the top influencer is in tennis. As Stuhlmann has mentioned, there’s plenty more to come.

Written by Sean Joseph

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