Rachel Stuhlmann Is Doing World’s No. 1 Tennis Influencer Things

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Rachel Stuhlmann is taking her title as the world’s No. 1 tennis influencer very seriously. On Saturday she was back on the court, which just so happened to be located near the beach. That meant a tennis racket and ball in hand and a bikini to put the whole look together.

I’m happy to say that prior to Joe naming her the world’s No. 1 tennis influencer and her accepting the title, I was aware of Rachel’s contributions to the sport. Being someone who spends way too much time — I mean does a lot of research — on Instagram, she popped up on my timeline a little while ago.

Now that I tooted my horn a little bit, back to Rachel’s important work in the field of tennis influencing. She captioned Saturday’s jaw dropping bikini pic, “Courts right by the beach? Don’t mind if I do.”

Rachel is always working; you have to respect that. It’s the weekend, she’s by the beach and she still found time for her sport. That’s top-notch influencing. That’s the kind of leadership that’s needed for someone with task of making a sport outside of the top four relevant.

Tennis has their Paige Spiranac

It’s not an easy job, but Rachel is the perfect person for tennis. The sport is going to have to embrace social media and ride the waves that tennis’ top influencer will create. Or get steamrolled by her.

It’s really an easy choice when you examine it. A lot of people are just going to have to ignore the purists, which I’m sure exist in tennis and no doubt hate Rachel’s tennis content. It’s time to hop on board with the winning team.

Tennis is lucky. It’s already happened in golf and a playbook that can be followed has been written. Paige Spiranac has done a lot more for the sport of golf than almost any of the stiffs at the country clubs. Despite the resistance to her unapologetic style Paige has made the sport bigger.

Rachel can do the exact same thing for tennis. If the powers that be were smart about it they would assist her in every way possible. It makes no sense to attempt to stop the momentum that she’s already picked up.

Written by Sean Joseph


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  1. Influencers are the greatest. What would the world do without them guiding……what was she promoting again? Oh, that’s right, promoting Rachel Stuhlman! Hey, it works, I got her name right! Not bad hey, when I was supposed to be looking at the racquet. I mean that’s what she wanted wasn’t it, just look at the racquet?

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