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The NCAA championship game is set

Then there was two. No. 4 seed UConn is set to face No. 5 seed San Diego State in the NCAA championship game on Monday night.

The Aztecs needed a ballsy shot at the buzzer to takedown an FAU team that seemed destined to be playing in the title game.

San Diego State’s Lamont Butler cemented himself in the history books when he decided the game was going to be won or lost by him. There was no timeout called or some masterful play drawn up for the final shot – hell coach Brian Dutcher ran out of plays.

“I ran out of plays. So, I decided not to call a timeout. I just told the guys to get downhill.”

Translation, go ball. Go figure which one of you wants to win this game. That turned out to be Butler, who hit a jumper following an FAU miss and the rest is history. The Aztecs are playing for a title in men’s basketball.

What a way to earn the opportunity to play on Monday night. On the flip side there was a ton of heartbreak as Butler’s shot found the bottom of the net at the buzzer.

Luckily, there was a camera on the FAU fans as they got their heart ripped out so we can enjoy a great run come to a really tough end.

That’s a tough way to lose a Final Four game. So close yet so far away.

As for the Aztecs next opponent, they needed no shot at the buzzer to move on. The Huskies steamrolled Miami, as they’ve done several times throughout the tournament.

Saturday’s win was UConn’s fifth straight double digit win in the NCAA Tournament. They’re going to be a tough team to beat for a title.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are leaving their kids nothing

A 2018 quote from Ashton Kutcher has resurfaced thanks to a tweet from a pop culture site and shockingly it has Twitter divided.

Basically Kutcher revealed that he and his wife Mila Kunis plan to donate their entire estimated $275 million fortune to charity. There will be no trust setup for the kids and they can fend for themselves.

I don’t know where you come down on this, but I usually land on – it’s not my money so why would I care what they want to do with it. That doesn’t seem to be most peoples’ default setting.

If I was one of their kids I might have some different thoughts on the matter. I might be spending my days plotting how to hack into their bank accounts to get my hands on some of their hard earned That ’70s Show money.

At the end of the day who really cares how much, if any, money Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis leave their kids? They already don’t bathe them. What’s leaving them nothing in comparison?

There’s a Tom Brady and Reese Witherspoon dating rumor making the rounds

On to more important things. Like the Tom Brady and Reese Witherspoon dating rumor. Just a couple of kids in their 40s coming off of failed marriages, looking for love.

The rumor started last week when the celebrity gossip Instagram account Deuxmoi received an anonymous tip. The tip claims that an “A-list actress who JUST announced her divorce is newly dating A-list NFL athlete who is also recently divorced.”

The eyes emoji at the end of the “tipster’s” message lets us know it’s legit. Witherspoon is an A-list actress who just announced her divorce. She was also in Legally Blonde as the email hint suggests.

Brady is also an A-list NFL athlete who is recently divorce. He did play for the Patriots and Buccaneers. Again, another clue in the email address.

So far everything checks out. Must be true. Let’s hope for Brady’s sake that it isn’t true. A rich, retired guy in his 40s, can have a lot of fun.

Is this an April Fool’s prank?

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