Rachel Bush Recruits a Friend for Patriotic Fourth of July Content

It was just last weekend that Rachel Bush announced that she was finally back after a short break from social media.

Unfortunately, the eye-catching announcement didn’t include any follow-up content.

Not until the arrival of the Fourth of July holiday on Monday.

The follow-up turned out to be well worth the wait. It includes a friend, YouTuber, and Instagram model Tiana Musarra, and plenty of patriotic content for the Fourth.

This isn’t the first time Bush and Musarra have teamed up, but it is the first time they brought their own fireworks for the Fourth of July. They made sure to include, with very little clothing, as much red, white, and blue as they could.

Instagram content doesn’t get much better than what Bush produces

Instagram content doesn’t get much better than what Bush produces. She’s proven that time and time again and this is no different. She seems to have extra gear and lives there when making content for the gram.

There are a ton of imitators out there and there will be a lot of patriotic posts on social media today, and while I fully admit some of them might match what Bush and Musarra have put together here, I highly doubt any will top them.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Fourth. Bush isn’t just an Instagram model and the wife of Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer. She’s as patriotic as they come.

Bush often speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of any blowback. Whether you agree with everything she says or not, I think you can respect her ability to say what’s on her mind.

As we’ve seen plenty of times over the last couple of years that doesn’t come easy to everyone.

Written by Sean Joseph

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