Rachel Bush Announces That She’s Back

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Rachel Bush doesn’t post as much content as she used to. Unfortunate, I know.

The wife of Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer tends to pick her spots these days. Saturday afternoon was one of those spots.

After seemingly getting back into the content game a couple of months ago, the Instagram legend took a few weeks off. She returned with a picture of herself in thigh-high boots and a bodysuit captioned, “Hello, been a minute, I am back.”

She’s not a legend of the game at 24 for no reason

Rachel is back indeed. This is how you make such an announcement, especially after taking several weeks off. Short, sweet, and to the point. Let the picture do most of the talking. She knows this, she’s not a legend of the game at 24 for no reason.

It feels a little odd calling a 24-year-old a legend of the game, but Rachel truly is. She’s been creating content for years. And that content has built a huge following.

It’s unclear if this is the start of Rachel’s content train chugging along once again or if this was more of a check-in to let her more than 3.6 million followers know she hasn’t forgotten about them. Time will tell. From the looks of this pic, she’s obviously been back in the lab working on her craft.

While Rachel has been silent on Instagram lately that doesn’t mean she’s not active on other social media platforms. She’s fairly active on Twitter where she weighs in on everything from politics to her husband’s contract situation (Poyer is due a decent payday very soon by the way).

I’m expecting big things from both of them this year. Maybe a Super Bowl run for Poyer and the Bills with an expert content creator capturing the run? It’s a real possibility this year.

Written by Sean Joseph


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