Race-Hustling Fraud Mike Freeman Asks We Don’t Forgive A’s Broadcaster For Mistake

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NBC Sports suspended Oakland A’s broadcaster Glen Kuiper for accidentally uttering the N-word when trying to say “negro,” in reference to the Negro Leagues Museum.

Any honest person who watched the video would confirm Kuiper made an honest mistake, including the president of the Negro Leagues Museum.

And yet, one particular sports “journalist” asks society to not forgive Kuiper. This particular buffoon says he’s not convinced Kuiper didn’t use the slur on purpose.

He also asks that we condemn Kuiper’s broad partner, Dallas Braden, for not reacting in disdain to the slip-up.

As you guessed, the author in question is Mike Freeman. Freeman now works for the remains of USA Today, still recovering from lying on his resume about his college credentials.

At the paper, Freeman pens columns in which he exhibits faux outrage over benign incidents. Perhaps some of his articles exclude the word “racist.” However, we have yet to come across one that does not.

His latest is quite the doozy. He printed some 700 words — much in passive voice — about why he hopes we don’t grant Kuiper forgiveness. Freeman wouldn’t mind seeing the man lose his job.

His reason? Society has become “empathy deficit.”

“There are too many people who fling indecent and hurtful language like animals tossing feces at people walking by their cage, and don’t care about the harm they cause.

“All of that pairs with something else: the inability of people to sincerely say “I’m sorry” in the moment. After Kuiper said what he said, he issued a weak sauce apology.

What examples did Mr. Freeman provide to support his accusations? Unfortunately, he didn’t provide any.

Imagine that.

He seems to suggest people do not face repercussions for their “flinging of indecent and hurtful language.”

Ironically, Freeman argues said point days after Barstool fired a man called Ben Mintz after he rapped a song that included the N-word.

Quite obviously, we’re a society that overcorrects the use of indecent and hurtful language.

Freeman and corporate overloads of Bartools’ parent company pretend the more offended they are, the better the person they are.

Mike Freeman oozes outage by trade.

Without it, he’d be useless to the bosses who arm him with a column to call white readers racist. You can’t call us racist. Look, we allowed Freeman to print this … the thinking goes.

While Freeman exhibits hysteria for pay, it oft comes at the expense of others. Here, Freeman sought to further bury Kuiper just so he could publish a newsy byline.

To Freeman, the article is a means to stay employed. To Kuiper’s bosses, the article is a means to keep him sidelined.

Racial hysteria is as damaging to the target as it is advantageous to one who spreads it. In this case, the recipient is a man who misspoke and fortuitously uttered a slur.

Intentions are the foundation of a reasonable society, in which we are no longer.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.

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