Race Hustling Clown Goes After His Latest Target, Gets Her Fired Over Alleged Dog Park Incident

Professional outrage/race hustler Frederick Joseph, who once claimed an Airbnb host rented him a house where Satanic rituals had been performed and seems to have a life goal of canceling people, is at it again. This time, he claims a white woman told him and his fiancé to “stay in our hood” during a Brooklyn dog park incident.

Since Joseph, the author of The Black Friend: On Being a Better White Person, is a race hustler, he did the next thing out of the race hustler playbook and went after the woman’s identity and her place of employment.

Joseph contacted the woman’s employer, had a talk with the employer and the woman was subsequently fired from her job. That’s right, all in a day’s work for a cancel culture that thrives on using its Twitter reach to attack employers and force them to fire employees over an incident that doesn’t even show the woman telling Joseph to stay in his hood.

Not in the mood to be drug through the mud by Joseph and his team of fellow race hustlers, Derek Andersen at BevyHQ, a software company where the woman worked, went ahead and appeased Joseph and his followers.

Mission accomplished for Joseph. It was such a brave war he won.

“While it is unfortunate what happened, I hope that Emma learned from this. I hope that other people learn from this, who engage in abusive racist and destructive behavior, because ultimately whether Emma lost her job or not, doesn’t take away the trauma that my fiancé and I have,” Joseph said during a post-cancellation press conference-esque video.

Now, let’s keep in mind that Frederick Joseph isn’t just some random guy here who had an incident with a white woman at a dog park. This is a man who seems to thrive off cancellations and needs new race incidents to continue to grow his following. In 2020, Joseph made headlines when he went after an Airbnb host for what he called “seemingly satanic items” at a rental and went even further by claiming that the basement of the dwelling had “ritualistic markings” on the floor.

Joseph created a thread of tweets where he threw out accusations of Satanism and fired up his base to the point where the Airbnb host felt like things had gotten out of control, thanks to Joseph’s inflammatory actions.

“The thread became an echo chamber,” the Airbnb host told Vice. “A lot of people saying crazy stuff, that I should be called out, asking my address. I’m a private person. I don’t post to my social media or what I’m doing with my friends, so to be thrust into this wild Twittersphere of misinformation and a story conceived completely out of context and taking wild liberties with his imagination about what this house is— the first little while, I was pretty shocked and upset.

“I was like, what if people find me? What if people start turning up at my house? What if this is against their religious sensibilities and they want to do something about it?”

In 2018, on a flight, Joseph considered it “white privilege” when a woman took off her shoes and put her feet up on the dining table. “So flight staff walks by numerous times without saying anything, and I’m irate, because no black person would ever get away with this shit,” Joseph tweeted.

You know how the rest of this goes. Yep, Joseph turned the incident into a massive tweet storm detailing the entire incident. The retweets and likes followed. Joseph’s social media following grew. It was just one of several incidents that follow this same pattern for the guy. Find an incident that can be blown up into a tweetstorm, mix in some race, create hysteria and the rest will follow.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Joseph claimed there was yet another incident with a white woman in Williamsburg who allegedly asked him why he was standing next to a car. Tweet out an accusation, add a white woman to the mix, rinse, repeat.

Empowered by his latest cancellation success, you can be sure that Frederick Joseph isn’t done. The dopamine is running through his body. He needs more cancellations. More white women causing him great pain. More incidents to fuel his social media following that is more than willing to help him on his crusade.

At this point, Frederick Joseph has his business plan. It’s just a matter of executing it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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