Punch Drunk Love: Oscar De La Hoya Gifted Bombshell Girlfriend $1 Million Valentine

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Some women can’t help but rev our engines. Oscar De La Hoya knows this well. His girlfriend, bombshell Holly Sonders, has the combination of looks and personality that cause men to jump at the chance to steer through some of her curves. On Valentine’s Day, De La Hoya did just that. He shifted gears from the traditional V-Day presents of chocolates and roses, and gifted Sonders a new car.

Rather than the latest Honda Civic or an economical Ford Fusion, De La Hoya opted to gift Sonders something with a little more flare and lot more price – a Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

Thanks for setting the bar so damn high, Oscar.

TMZ reports that Stradale’s start at $625,000 and that Sonders’ new ride is worth $1 million.

De La Hoya may have been feeling pressure to deliver big this Valentine’s Day. The retired boxer, 49, had to answer the bell after Sonders, 34, tattooed an image of her man onto her back in August.


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A $1 million red ride with more horse power than a Lexington stable, now likely has De La Hoya neck and neck with Sonders in the race for the who loves who more crown.

Not unlike many of De La Hoya’s opponents, Sonders didn’t see the big one coming, telling TMZ of the pricey ride: “Just when I thought my boyfriend forgot Valentine’s Day…Um, hello, Ferrari. Oh my God. Late night delivery.

“…the car I’ve always wanted. Oh my God.”

Seconds later, video caught De La Hoya throwing rose petals into the air as Sonders started her new whip.

Gentleman, unless you’re a wealthy former boxer or ready to cash in the 401K, it’s best to hide this car news from your wife. And if you want to see another Valentine’s Day as a married man, it probably isn’t a bad idea to hide the Holly pics too.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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