‘Psycho’ Squirrel Goes Nuts During Christmas Reign Of Terror, Injures 18

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A completely nuts squirrel that caused chaos during a two-day Christmas rampage that left 18 people injured in Buckley, Wales has been captured and euthanized, according to locals who had to live through a 48-hour period that they won’t soon forget.

The “bloodthirsty” squirrel nicknamed Stripe attacked dogs, cats and chased people until Buckley resident Corrine Reynolds was finally fed up with menace to society. Ms. Reynolds, according to the Evening Standard, set a cage with a few peanuts and the horror was finally over.

“I’m relieved I caught him because my grandson who is only two plays in the garden and had to stop because it’s not safe,” Reynolds to the newspaper.

Squirrel Christmas rampage
‘Psycho’ squirrel via The Buckley Residents Group / Facebook

“But I’m sad because I’m an animal lover and because of me this squirrel lost his life. I know people don’t like grey squirrels but they are all gods creatures to me.

“But although I see him several times a day in my own garden his behaviour over the last three days gave me cause for concern. He in diving for me running to me fast as soon as he saw me.”

Residents of Buckley took to a Facebook Group page to share stories of being attacked by the rodent. One woman reported the squirrel had attacked her two Bengal cats. One guy reported just trying to enjoy a smoke when the squirrel jumped him. Sheree Davidson was out getting her recycling bins when Stripe grabbed her hand and tore into one of her fingers.

Psychol squirrel injuries
‘Psycho’ squirrel attacked Sheree Davidson / via Facebook

Reynolds can’t figure out what triggered the squirrel’s nasty streak. She noted on the Buckley Facebook group that she began feeding Stripe “since March last year” and that it’s never been nasty before the Christmas rampage.

‘Stripe’ the squirrel with Corrine Reynolds before going psycho / Facebook

In a Christmas Eve Facebook post, Buckley resident Jane Harry showed off the destruction left behind when Stripe attacked her and two others. Harry describes how Stripe attacked one woman by “going mental running around her neck and bit her on the shoulder.”

Reynolds told the Evening Standard that she’s “relieved” the terror is over and residents can go back to smoking and getting their recycling bins without being attacked, but noted that she’s “sad because I’m an animal lover and because of me this squirrel lost his life.”

Let this serve as a lesson to all of those out there who have a pet squirrel that will take peanuts out of your hand. One minute the rodent is your friend, the next minute it wants to rip your hand off. Be on high alert and pray your little buddy doesn’t turn into a “bloodthirsty…psycho.”

Let your elderly parents know there could be danger lurking.

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