Unvaccinated NYC Teens Cannot Attend Prom

Just when you thought the COVID Karens had finally gone into permanent hibernation, they come back with a vengeance. This time, their target is New York City high students who just want to attend their senior prom.

The NYC schools chancellor is requiring all prom attendees to be fully vaccinated, even though vaccines are not required to attend school or to enter most public NYC buildings and arenas.

A spokesman for the city Department of Education told CBS2 New York, “We continue to monitor COVID-19 rates and make changes in coordination with public health officials. We deeply understand how top of mind this topic is for many young people, and we encourage everyone to get vaccinated to help our city return to normal.”

Except they’ve already mostly returned to normal. As Kathleen Horan, the mother of one prospective prom attendee, says, “Restaurants, anybody can go to. Venues are open for weddings and parties. So why are they picking on the kids?”

Mayor Eric Adams even rolled back the vaccine requirements for professional athletes and other public performers, so this does appear to be a case of selective enforcement.

However, not all participants think the mandate is a bad idea. Per CBS2, high school junior Brianna Marie said, “There is going to be a lot of people there, and I feel like since masks are going to be down, people are going to be sharing stuff. I think people should be vaccinated.”

“Them having the vaccine makes it safe for everyone,” said junior Anastasia Volney.

As of now, the requirement remains in place, so all those unvaccinated NYC teens will have to find something else to do on prom night.

Written by Cortney Weil


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