Snoop Dogg Saves The Day, Delivers 'People's Elbow' To Win Wrestlemania Match After Shane McMahon Injury

There have been a number of Wrestlemania moments, and Snoop Dogg had to make his own on Sunday night.

When Shane McMahon made his return to the WWE, it was the famous rapper that saved the day.

Being the cool guy that he is, while most likely flying high during the segment, Snoop-Dogg came to the rescue following a freak accident.

Making his long-awaited return to WWE, Shane McMahon was starting an impromptu match with 'The Miz' when disaster struck.

It all happened when both 'The Miz' and Snoop-Dogg were in the ring promoting the attendance figures for Wrestlemania 39. After a brief back and forth, Shane McMahon's music hit and the sold-out crowd inside SoFi Stadium went crazy.

In the first 15 seconds of the match, Shane McMahon looked to have injured his knee, which prompted the WWE to solve the problem on the fly.

Folks watching on television could see the referee telling Snoop-Dogg to deliver a 'People's Elbow', and Snoop "D-O-double-G" delivered in dramatic fashion.

After landing 'The Rock's' signature move, you could see the referee tell Snoop-Dogg to pin 'The Miz', giving the legendary rapper his Wrestlemania moment. Not only did they pull this off in fantastic fashion, it will go down as one of the highlights of the event.

Hopefully the injury to Shane McMahon isn't severe, but thankfully Snoop was there to save the day.

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