Pro-Palestinian Accounts Call For ‘Wonka’ Boycott After ‘SNL’ Skit Mocking Hamas

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Pro-Palestinian accounts across social media are calling on fans to boycott the upcoming film Wonka after actor Timothée Chalamet made fun of Hamas on a recent episode of SNL.

During a skit, three members of the comedy group Please Don’t Destroy tried to convince Chalamet, who is playing a struggling musician, not to jump off a building and kill himself.

The group said it would support his music if he didn’t jump, but then learned he plays for a band called Hamas,” pronounced “Hay-mus.”

“Would you share it on Instagram?” Chalamet asks.

“If it means you won’t kill yourself, yeah,” a member responds. “What’s your band’s name?” another member of the trio asks, to which the actor replies,

“It’s Haymus,” Chalamet replies., “H-A-M-A-S.”

“Yeah, dude, I’m not sharing a song by Hamas on Instagram.”

Breitbart compiled a list of pro-Palestinian accounts reacting to the skit:

“I hope you lot boycott [the fuck] out of Timothée Chalamet’s Wonka movie btw. him participating in that SNL skit when Roald Dahl himself was pro-Palestine,” one X user wrote.

“I think ppl should Boycott Wonka if I’m being honest,” posted another.

“Reminder to ‍☠️ and boycott the new Wonka movie which stars that zionist asshole.”

The backlash follows a trend in which those who dare to make fun of the terror group are met with fierce and immediate backlash from pro-Palestinian backers in the United States.

Earlier this month, the Washington Post deleted and apologized for an accurate cartoon depiction of a Hamas spokesperson using Gaza civilians as human shields.

Post staffers and readers called the cartoon “racist.”

The outlet has since reverted back to drawing cartoons depicting Donald Trump and his followers.

The attack on comedy is nothing new. We wrote a column last year about how fragile feelings have hijacked the industry of satire — and how so many groups are off-limits to parody.

Evidently, there’s a concerted effort to add terrorists to that protective class.

What’s more, pro-Palestinian cheerleaders have tried to minimize their sympathy for Hamas by separating Palestinian support from Hamas support.

That argument, however, falls apart when supporters feign outrage over an SNL skit about Hamas.

If “pro-Palestinian” groups are not, in reality, “pro-Hamas” then why would a sketch mocking the terror organization bother them in the least?

It wouldn’t. They are telling on themselves.

That isn’t to say all Palestinians are in support of Hamas. They aren’t.

But those who try to shield the terrorist from parody, spread their talking points in the media, reinforce their messaging across college campuses, and organize events in the name of decolonization are, undoubtedly, pro-Hamas.

Finally, SNL is a sketch comedy show that covers current events. The program was at its height when it dared to deride all subjects in the news.

Thereby, Hamas should be parodied on SNL. As should Israel, Jews, anti-semites, warmongering Republicans, and Ivy college students.

SNL is supposed to be funny and uncomfortable. It’s called satire.

Written by Bobby Burack

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