Pro Boxer Terence Crawford Offers $100K Reward For $300K Worth in Stolen Jewelry

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Bling and you’ll miss it! Professional boxer Terence Crawford has a penchant for pendants, chains, rings, diamonds and all things jewelry. But with such expensive wear comes a target.

Crawford is now on the hunt for a jewelry thief after his home in Omaha, Ne., was burglarized between March 17 and 20, first reported by TMZ Sports. The six-time WBO welterweight champ is even offering a $100,000 reward to catch the perpetrator.

“I got 100K for whoever know who broke in my house and stole my jewelry,” Crawford said.

As noted by the outlet, Crawford had three personalized gold chains, a gold cross necklace, two watches and several bracelets stolen from his home.

The estimated worth of these pieces has been set at $317,000, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office report.

With a 39-0 boxing record, Crawford is a man to be feared. He does have to work on guarding himself against burglars, considering his house got robbed in 2021, losing a Rolex watching worth over $100,000.

And while Crawford waits on new intel to catch the jewelry thief, boxing fans will continue to wait on a potential fight against Errol Spence.

So if you see a man walking around who looks like this …

… you may want to get in contact with Crawford.

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