Press Secretary Jen Psaki Sidesteps Question About Fox Christmas Tree Arson

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By now, most Americans are at least loosely aware of what’s expected from members of the media who gather in the White House Press Corps Room: a background check, common courtesy to all speakers except former President Trump, an ID badge, a mask, and apparently…dancing shoes.

When Fox News reporter Peter Doocy questioned White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday about an uptick in crime across the country partly because “prosecutors are too soft on crime,” Psaki, apparently an agile two-stepper, danced nimbly around his point.

She pirouetted around the topic of prosecutors and weak law enforcement and instead blamed the pandemic for the surges crime – because nothing says I’m ready to commit theft like a ventilator and an ICU stay.

From there, Psaki did her best version of the Cha-Cha-Cha and danced her away around Doocy’s question regarding last week’s arson of the Fox News Christmas tree in New York City. Though the torched tree caused more than a half-million dollars in damages, the NYC arsonist who allegedly started the fire was released without bail.

“We’ve seen an arsonist burn down a half-million-dollar Christmas tree in New York City back out on the streets,” said Doocy. “Does the president think that’s good governing?”

That was Psaki’s cue that the show was not yet over and that she needed to give an encore performance.

“Again, I think I’ve spoken to the president’s concern about retail theft,” Psaki answered. “If you have specific — and any actions we’ve taken, for specific cases, I would point you to the local police departments or the Department of Justice.”

If her feet aren’t sore from all that dancing, her hands should be throbbing from pushing away all that blame.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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