President Trump Set To Nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

Total112 According to numerous reports, President Trump is expected to make Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett his Supreme Court nomination. The announcement is expected to be made official on Saturday and it is likely to set up a bitter battle on social media for the next several weeks before the election. Coney Barrett is just More

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  1. The Left literally has nothing on this woman that violates their religious leftist dogma, other than her being a Catholic. I’ll be interested to see how the Leftist animals in Congress and their media cronies plan to smear somebody they can’t falsely accuse of treason or rape!

  2. I like her maybe some babies will have a chance now at life the previous occupant of the seat gave them no chance even to late term abortion i mean you really have to be evil to support that gruesome stuff.

  3. I support Alison Jones Flushing we have enough catholic on the court. She’s 38 and has clerked for Judge Thomas the most conservative judge on court we know how he’s going to vote. John Roberts was a so called devout catholic please pick a evangelical Christians.

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