President Trump Receives Hearty Welcome At Army-Navy Game

The biggest cheer of the day at the 121st annual Army-Navy game Saturday was reserved for President Donald Trump.

“USA! USA!” roared the crowd moments after the president took the field for the pre-game coin toss. He also received a warm reception from members of players representing both academies.

“The game was held in rainy weather at the US Military Academy’s home field in West Point, New York,, the first time the traditional rivals have met at an academy’s field since 1943,” Deadline reported. “The game is usually held on neutral grounds in Philadelphia, but this year’s pandemic and restrictions on crowd sizes necessitated a move to a smaller venue in order to allow all cadets and midshipmen to attend.”

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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