President Biden Falls Up The Steps As He Boards Air Force One

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President Joe Biden was supposed to hop on Air Force One for a flight to visit Asian American leaders in Atlanta, but he ended up falling up the steps before he could ever get on board.

Is it time for a Life Alert partnership? But in all seriousness, Joe Biden has no business running this country. This is likely just the first “step” to making Kamala Harris our president.

The worst part of this clip has to be the salute at the top step. You’d think President Biden would be embarrassed after the fall, but apparently he still had to salute the supposed “80 million voters” who clamored for his leadership. Also, he looks down at the carpet like it was to blame. As if it wasn’t perfectly laid out hours ago and approved by the Secret Service. Joe, the carpet is fine–you’re just 78 years old and you have early onset dementia.

To be perfectly clear, we feel sorry for President Biden in this scenario. He didn’t ask for this. Joe Biden was hired to fly around and wave while Vice President Kamala Harris and company pull all the strings.

But after watching this unfold, is there even a question about why Joe Biden has held just one press conference since his inauguration? It’s painfully obvious that Biden struggles to live his day-to-day life, let alone operate as the leader of the free world. It’s an exhausting job that someone in his condition has no business doing. We sure hope his condition improves though, because our future depends on it.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. The illegitimate evil deep state establishment dummy puppet mumbling bumbling creepy senile criminal pervert racist bribe taking CCP owned dead fish eyed crazy Joe is stumbling his way through his last months playing president, then the CacklingCommunistHookerGiggles Harris will be installed as the replacement dummy puppet.
    Maybe they could borrow one of those gold plated luggage carts from the Vatican they used to wheel around the Pope on.

  2. It’s officially amateur hour in the US. Just within the past day:
    He called her President Harris
    He fell up the steps
    China immolated him and the US on US soil

    I have two words directed at all of you that voted for this senile, CCP-tainted fraud

  3. Joke Biden is doing nothing. He wakes up, they dress him, feed him, put a pen in his hand to sign EO’s that he has no knowledge of what they mean and then it’s nap time.
    Ho Harris, Lurch Schumer, and Piglosi are running the show.

  4. Trump is still the legit and legal president.

    His authority was usurped by China, technology, oligarchs, the deep state pedos and kid blood drinkers and Cabala Harris

  5. Biden’s physical and cognitive decline was obvious to all 81 million who elected him. And they didn’t care that they were complicit in the most egregious case of elder abuse in world history; nor would they care if he dropped dead.

    Vote blue, no matter who, no matter what.

  6. I’m guessing CNN probably just lost all of the phone numbers of the medical experts willing to weigh in on President Trump’s physical and psychological condition. I have no doubt that their crack investigative staff will cover this story as vigorously as they covered the little Cuomo problem in New York.

  7. Gary, you nailed it except for the line…”we feel sorry for President Biden in this scenario”. Hell if I do. 48 year career politician, no accomplishments, proven plagiarist (several times), non stop liar, corruptly enriched himself, son, and brothers while Senator and VP. Stumbling Joe will soon be called ex President Biden. 80 million voters? No way this senile shell of a man got more votes than Obama’s 69.5 million in 2008.

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