Tanking Bank Accounts: Premium Gas In California Town Is Now At $8.50/Gal

A small town in California named Gorda, with a sole gas station available to the community, is now charging north of $7.50 per gallon of gas. For premium fuel, the station is charging $8.50.

While the Highway 1 pit stop has long been dreaded by travelers, gas prices have seen a widespread bump in 2021 alone — with the Biden administration desperately reaching out to fuel producers for lower pricing after they fumbled energy and fuel independence previously established by President Trump.

Fuel is currently priced higher than it’s been in the past seven years, per Reuters. Despite record-level production for oil and gas back in 2019, Democrats have been adamant on abandoning independence in order to tie the nation to some horrendous deals.

“We are closely monitoring the cost of oil and the cost of gas Americans are paying at the pump. And we are using every tool at our disposal to address anti-competitive practices in U.S. and global energy markets to ensure reliable and stable energy markets,” a White House official announced, responding to outcry .

The infamous Gorda pit stop is living up to its name by asking Americans to pay fat prices in order to pass through a 40-mile stretch of no fuel stations — literally making it their way or the highway.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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    • We have a bunch of refineries in California so its not supply. Its taxation and graft, both sponsored by the Democratic Party. Who came up with the “summer blend” of gasoline they mandate every year, causing refineries to go “offline” and create artificial shortages. Then Gavin Newsom or some other progressive hack decries the evils of oil, while taking millions from oil companies. Its a farce

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