Nevada Athletic Commission Chairman In Awe Of Lengthy Banned Substance List That Led To Six ‘Power Slap’ Suspensions

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Power Slap, led by Dana White, is the the world’s premier slap fighting organization. It is licensed and sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which recently suspended six competitors.

When Power Slap made its debut earlier this year, viewers were equally as horrified as intrigued.

The concept is not hard to grasp. Two competitors trade full-hand slaps back and forth until one cannot continue.

It leads to some crazy results.

Although there was some pushback amongst critics, White simply did not care.

And after something of a chaotic rollout, Power Slap’s ratings saw an increase as the season went on. The league plans to return for season two, but will need to replace six competitors before that happens.

Power Slap has a banned substance scandal!

The Nevada Athletic Commission popped six fighters for a laundry list of banned substances, according to Nevada Deputy Attorney General Joel Becker and It’s a doozy.

T.J. ThomasClomiphene — hormone and metabolic modulator
Jay RiveraGW-1516, solfone and sulfoxide — hormone and metabolic modulators
Chris ThomasBuprenorphine — a narcotic and its metabolite norbuprenorphine
Andrew ProvostBuprenorphine — a narcotic and its metabolite norbuprenorphine
Isaih QuinonesNorandrosterone, drostanolone, tamoxifen, boldenone — anabolic steroids
Frank HollandPhentermine — a stimulant often prescribed for weight loss

The commission approved temporary suspensions for all six athletes that will be in place until a larger disciplinary hearing is held. That date has not yet been set.

Chairman Anthony Marnell was astonished by the long list of banned substances.

Is there like a big bowl of performance-enhancing drugs down there somewhere that I don’t know about? I haven’t seen this in quite a while. I didn’t know you needed to use steroids to slap but I guess we’re going to find out.

— Nevada Athletic Commission Chairman Anthony Marnell

To put the suspensions into context, since the start of 2022 — 16 months ago — only six UFC fighters were suspended for banned substances. Six Power Slap fighters were suspended Tuesday.

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