Post Malone Designs Utah Raising Cane’s And It’s… Something

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If you’re driving through the wilds of Utah and suddenly get a hankering for chicken tenders you can stop in it at the Raising Cane’s designed by rapper and face tattoo aficionado Post Malone.

It’s completely impossible to miss. Maybe even from space.

Apparently, Posty — as his friends call him — is a massive Raising Cane’s fan. So much, so that he was tapped to design his own restaurant in Midvale, Utah, and it’s definitely… it’s definitely loud.

The gaudy pink building features a mural of Posty’s face complete with his signature tattoos and a big, steel No. 1 statue as a nod to the chain’s “One Love” slogan.

It also has a brushed silver 1974 Ford F250 sitting out front complete with a custom license plate. What does that have to do with chicken and/or Post Malone? I haven’t got a clue, but it’s there.

On the inside, there’s going to be memorabilia, a Post Malone vending machine, and a medieval-themed restroom because honestly at this point, why the hell not?

There’s also something the company describes as a “Post Malone Ping Pong Track System.” It’s supposedly a track system with ping pong balls running through it as a nod to the rapper’s love of ping pong.

It seems he’s a big ping pong guy. Who knew?

Aside from the garish and confusing décor, I fail to see how anyone could not like this. You get fried chicken and a thorough crash course on the many varied interests of Post Malone. Sounds like everyone wins.

Some People Aren’t Pumped About Post Malone’s Raising Cane’s

Welp. Some of the folks in town don’t seem too thrilled. According to one unhappy Twitterer, this was a run-of-the-mill Rain\sing Cane’s that just opened last year.


I’m not sure if there are Post Malone fans so rabid they’ll go on a pilgrimage to the Raising Cane’s he “designed,” but if there are, smart move on the company’s part.

If it works, get ready to see a deluge of “celebrity-designed” restaurants in the near future.

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