Clay Travis Speaks with Dave Portnoy

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OutKick’s Clay Travis appeared on Dave Portnoy’s podcast this week. No, I didn’t make that up.

Clay and Portnoy discussed OutKick’s sale, why Clay sold, the value in sports gambling, their feud, and Barstool setting the market.

Portnoy also asked which of the two will die richer. Seems like a good enough tease:


Written by Bobby Burack

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    • Disagree to an extent. I think they are just two guys occupying a very similar space and that was them circling the octagon feeling each other out. Clay came across as a lot more confident and happy with the direction he’s headed and Dave seemed a little jealous to be honest. I think that was the main sentiment I got. I will say though, the attitude Dave took on after the interview was over was a little spiteful and petty. Saying those things after and not to Clay’s face was a little shitty. I like Dave too, but that wasn’t a good look.

      • After the interview was largely why I said what I did. That and the part around 1:10 to 1:58 when Dave talks about how he disliked Clay and why he embargoed him from appearing on Barstool. I don’t follow Barstool (albeit I did see some stock videos during GME craze) so maybe that’s Dave’s normal demeanor with everyone? Just felt very negative and petty. Definitely jealous as you put it.

  1. I don’t really know. Dave seems confused why he and Clay get lumped together, buts it’s obvious… Barstool and Outkick are the only two platforms that aren’t full on leftist.
    I hate saying this because I like Dave and Barstool, Dave’s other beefs are pretty weak like Clay “stealing” murder. Even his questions like asking clay if he believes what he says vs it just being an act. It’s just dumb and petty honestly. I thought Clay was genial and nice, and he came off well.

  2. I like them both. What bothered me was it seemed like Dave was pushing Clay to give him some kind of “number” so he could label him a sellout. I think think Dave Challenged Clay’s authenticity and that’s a good thing. It’s clear that Clay had a goal and reached it. Dave never said what his ultimate goal was. Clay seemed to be saying ,”if it ends tomorrow, I’m good”. I got the sense that Dave is not there yet.

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