CNN’s Poppy Harlow Angrily Fails to Convince America the Media is Unbiased

CNN’s Poppy Harlow had White House spokesperson Brian Morgenstern on to discuss the New York Timesreport stating President Donald Trump has paid only $750 in federal income taxes during his first year as president. In an interview designed to sell the Times as a non-partisan, credible news machine — Harlow’s segment went south.

Two minutes in, Harlow got angry and resorted to laughable quotes that make you pause the clip just to process.

Take a look before we dive in:

“I’m gonna go with the New York Times’ reporting because there is no reason not to believe it,” Harlow said with a straight face. No reason not to trust the Times, of course.

This paper is so honest, it made sure Joe Biden got proper treatment amid sexual assault allegations. Editorially, it felt right to put it on page 20, the last article in the paper.
In addition, to ensure no favoritism was had, the Times gave him the prime editorial spot in the newspaper on the coronavirus.

“These are remarkable reporters from the New York Times,” Harlow continues to push.

What’s great, in 2019, CNN dropped this headline: “New York Times’ botched Kavanaugh story the latest in series of blunders from Opinion section.”

In the process of trying to prop up the Times, “I absolutely should not be asking about Hunter Biden’s taxes,” Harlow said confidently. Oh. Thanks for clarifying.

She claims it irrelevant to the interview. That is true, it is not relevant to any interview on CNN because that topic doesn’t make the cut. Not newsworthy, maybe?

Perhaps nothing got under the CNN’s anchor’s skin as much as Morgenstern pointing out the hit piece, again, came at the most opportune time for the Democrats. At that point, it was “stop attacking the press.” If you don’t, this interview “will end,” she warned. Clear enough.

The good news for Poppy Harlow: her co-worker, Chris Primetime Cuomo is caught in the middle of Weightgate, with accusations of lifting fake weights for the camera. No one will even notice her interview style…

Always nice to have CNN explain which outlets we can and cannot trust.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Just quit going on cnn everyone knows there is no honest reporting there you don’t need these phony lectures and temper tantrums from these rude despicable people just.

  2. People need to read the NYT article all the way through:
    “If you read down into the New York Times hit piece the authors admit president Trump paide $1 million in taxes in 2016 and $4 million in taxes in 2017…Trump PAID, as in transferred to the US Treasury, $1 million in 2016 and $4.2 million in 2017. Note also that most of the overpayment was rolled forward, not refunded. The $750 figure is an ADDITIONAL $750. Thus every single story saying he paid $750 is a lie.”

  3. Well folks… The media is completely biased. If, in the morning on my way to work, I have to listen to public radio broadcast instead of Clay Travis and Outkick, it will prove liberal biased media. Small town USA radio, but extremely liberal. I have listened to Clay every morning on the way to work for years. As I have partially listened to Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd, they are all part of the Fox sports radio. The radio station has been great for dead air, but today Clay was replaced while Dan and Colin went on as usual. I will update you all tomorrow on media bias.

  4. The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC are all just an extension of the Democratic Party. The Trump tax story was just to create more Biden campaign talking points prior to the debate. A Biden commercial was already prepared to come out following the story. Has any of the main stream media ever mentioned once that Trump donates his salary as President? I’ll make a wild guess…no.

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