Pope Francis Puffer Jacket Had Internet Fooled

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If you’ve ever wondered what Pope Francis would like if he were an NBA player walking from his Bugatti towards the locker room, wonder no more.

Thanks to an AI image generated by Midjourney, an art tool program (think Photoshop, but in 2023), Pope Francis the Point Guard (or is Point God?) is now present online, in picture form. On Sunday, the AI image of the Pope in a white puffer jacket began making the rounds online. Almost instantly the Pope’s street cred shot through the roof and athletes and celebrities alike began ordering their stylists to find them that Pope ‘cis drip.

The 86-year-old appears readymade for a Hamptons white party after dropping 20 and 10 in the Garden. About the only thing missing from Pope Francis and his puffer jacket is a Kardashian hanging on.

Pope Francis Puffer Had Celebrity Convinced

The shockingly life-like image of the Pope had plenty convinced that the holiest was ahead of the fashion curve. Upon seeing the photo online Chrissy Teigen tweeted: “I thought the pope’s puffer jacket was real and didnt give it a second thought. no way am I surviving the future of technology.”

I know, I know, this is Chrissy Teigen we’re talking about, so it’s not exactly like fooling Houdini. But I promise, the internet was shook. I’m talking Tupac hologram at Coachella vibes, minus the $700 ticket and hepatitis.

Twitter users were so convinced the puffer jacket was real that a note was added to a popular post sharing the image stating that it was AI-generated.

An AI image of Pope Francis sent the internet into a frenzy.

The Man Behind Pope Francis AI

On Monday, BuzzFeed tracked down the man responsible for Pope Francis’ viral puffer photo. Pablo Xavier, who didn’t share his last name, told BuzzFeed: “I’m trying to figure out ways to make something funny because that’s what I usually try to do. I try to do funny stuff or trippy art — psychedelic stuff.”

The 31-year-old Pablo Xavier also told BuzzFeed he was “tripping on shrooms” when he conceived the idea. “I just thought it was funny to see the Pope in a funny jacket,” added Pablo Xavier.

You thought correctly!

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Written by Anthony Farris

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