PolitiFact Fact-Checked By Twitter After Defending Randi Weingarten For School Closure Stance

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The new era of Twitter is paying dividends, this time on teachers union head Randi Weingarten’s effort to keep schools closed.

Left-wing “fact-checking” organization PolitiFact has historically used its undeserved credibility and media promotion to protect Democrats.

Whether by absurd “missing context” ratings, misdirections or outright misrepresentations, PolitiFact has often worked to support those who share their ideology.

But thanks to Twitter’s community notes, that era has come to an end.

PolitiFact posted a desperate defense of Randi Weingarten in response to widespread criticism of her revisionist history.

Weingarten was a central figure in keeping schools closed, with even far left figures like Lori Lightfoot criticizing her new framing.

One CNN commentator even confronted her directly, saying she’s now misrepresenting her past comments.


That didn’t stop PolitiFact though!

As a key partner in the fight against truth and reality, PolitiFact defended Randi by saying it was “misleading to claim that she opposed reopening.”

Thankfully, Twitter community notes jumped in.

Randi Weingarten
WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 11: Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, speaks during a March for Our Lives rally against gun violence on the National Mall June 11, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Randi Weingarten Is The Face Of ‘Fact-Checking’ Activism

This correction shows the value of the “new” Twitter under Elon Musk.

For too long, partisan outlets like PolitiFact have made it their mandate to ensure that proper narratives are upheld.

Instead of following where the facts take them, they twist context and omit information to present a preferred outcome.

Not any more, with community notes jumping in to correct PolitiFact’s obviously biased misinformation.

This is exactly how it’s done.

Social media companies like Facebook have long outsourced their preferred censorship to “fact checking” organizations. Facebook launders censorship through these companies, claiming to not be involved in the process, then appealing to third party authority.

The new Twitter, however, is putting a stop to that practice.

Randi Weingarten inarguably campaigned to keep schools closed. It’s an unequivocal fact, backed up by her own public statements and work with the CDC.

PolitiFact though, doesn’t like facts that are inconvenient for Democrats. Unfortunately for them, new Twitter doesn’t care that reality disproves preferred left-wing narratives.

Written by Ian Miller

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