'Presence Of God': Indiana Mall Shooting Survivors Praises Armed Civilian Who Stopped The Carnage

Survivors of the Greenwood Park Mall shooting are very thankful for Elisjsha Dicken.

When a shooter attempted to carry out a massacre over the weekend that left three dead, Dicken put the monster down in 15 seconds after engaging from 40 yards away.

Now, some of the survivors have opened up about Dicken's heroic performance and efforts to save their lives.

"He was a godsend. I swear, I felt the presence of God in Elisjsha that day. We wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Elisjsha," an unidentified survivor told WTHR when talking about the attempted massacre. You can listen to multiple survivors share their thoughts in the video from WTHR below.

I'm not sure there's really anything to say about Elisjsha Dicken other than he's a hero. When the bullets started flying Sunday at Greenwood Park Mall in Indiana, he didn't hesitate to intervene.

He didn't hesitate to shoot back in order to help complete strangers. If that doesn't make you a hero, I don't know what does.

So far, Dicken has chosen to stay silent and not address the media. Maybe, that will eventually change. Maybe, it won't. I have no idea, but many in America want him to share his thoughts.

Clearly, the people he saved have nothing but praise for him.

Hopefully, Dicken's actions give bad guys a moment of pause and something to think about before trying to carry out their evil plans!

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